Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i saw my egret again...

i felt her smile...
i felt she was happy.
yes, she was walking and
occasionally flying low...
but also confused.
something was lost...

there was food, i think
she was pecking
on something i could not identify.
this is the city
and in its midst...
the estero de mendiola
attracts an egret.

i see her almost everyday at about
after 5pm...rush hour becomes
a delight...
i don't know if others have noticed
her beauty.
indeed nature's beauty expressed
in a most pure form.

i texted cielo and she says
it must be an imprint.
must have been a former
nesting place, but alas...
nothing to be found but
murky water, and other
living beings floating...
insect larva, tadpoles...

estuaries are supposed to be places for
and nesting...
but we do have a few of them now...
in the city they have vanished...
gone to make way for high rise structures,
bridges, light rail commuter trains,
i lament its demise...and
people's disconnection to nature..

and yet i celebrate its "original good"
and the capacity for nature
to restore its beauty..
i take some time now for
quiet and solitude...time for

“I am going to plant a heart in the earth
water it with love from a vein

I am going to praise it with the push of muscle
And care for it in the sound of all dimensions.
I am going to leave a heart in the earth
So it may grow and flower

A heart that throbs with longing

That adores everything green

That will be strength and nourishment for birds

That will be the sap of plants and mountains!”

(Rosario Murillo)

go gently now, my friend...

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