Wednesday, May 5, 2010

out of the depths

(in my quiet moment just before rush hour...i contemplate on my healing from depression last year...poetry truly's a short piece from the li'l fat notebook, 02/08/09...

getting out of the depths
is not easy.
but there is always a longing
for the depths
in the human person.

in darkness is beauty...
the darkness somehow is
part of the struggle.
without the darkness
there is no struggle...

i struggle theref0re i am beauty...

to fall is to be human.
to be human is to fall.
falling into the pit
is falling into emptiness-

space, where all else can be
where all else can fall into,
so that in space...
i can be filled...


(photo of the full moon in Sweden from bloggerfriend Christer; and others from friends all over..."gratitude is memory of the heart")