Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my egret in the midst of rush hour...

it is now almost 5:00 pm and the day at work is almost over...
i got my self a cup of coffee and some bread.
it tasted good. this simplicity of life.
i wish to go simpler everyday. the rush hour
will soon be here. people rush and rush.
i do not, sometimes. i feel some pain in my body
but i think this pain is telling me to rest.
because it is almost 5:00 pm..

i like to go a little early out into
the train station so i can see the lone
egret that takes refuge on one of the
tree canopies beside the open canal.
this canal actually ends into the
Pasig river where it meets the sea at the mouth
of Manila Bay. i think i want to be an egret...

there's not much of students at this time
of the year. all have gone for summer
vacation. my train station is meeting
point for most of students populating
the University Belt of Manila. it is
quiet now, i anticipate it to be.
it is past 5:00pm.
i must go now...to see my egret...

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